What’s after uni? Where Brodie took his Communication degree

After graduating from journalism at QUT, Brodie has had a diverse career spanning TV, radio and public relations.

He currently heads up the media, communications and social media function for one of Australia’s most premium brands. We caught up with Brodie about the importance of equipping your ‘toolbelt’ with skills, knowledge and experiences.

Can you sum up in one or two sentences what you do in your job?

I’m the Head of Media & Communications at RACV, which is Victoria’s peak mobility, home and leisure organisation with more than 2.2 million members. I’m responsible for setting the media relations, communications and social media strategy to help tell RACV’s story.

What made you choose this career/organisation?

I’m a big news consumer and social media user – and I’m a communicator by nature – so my current job is a nice marriage of all three.

What are some of your major career highlights to date?

I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work across a diverse range of businesses and industries in Australia and Canada.

After completing a Bachelor of Journalism at QUT, I worked as a radio, TV and online/digital journalist in Brisbane, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, Wollongong, and Perth. I then made the move into public relations, working for the Queensland Government’s Department of Community Safety where I worked alongside firefighters, paramedics and other government departments on some huge natural disasters like bushfires and the 2010 Brisbane floods.

I also lived in Toronto, Canada for three years and managed communications for a UK-based insurance company. More recently, I led the public affairs team at Toyota Australia where I managed several product launches including all-new Corolla, RAV4 and Supra, as well as managing media and internal communications for a number of reputational issues.

What do you enjoy most about your current job?

The sheer diversity of the products and services offered by RACV and telling all the important stories people need to know about the organisation. At RACV, no day is the same. One day you can be working on a public relations campaign for one part of the business, the next you can be managing a different campaign for another.

What are your future goals?

While I don’t have any solid future goals yet, I want to keep growing my career and equipping my ‘toolbelt’ with more skills, knowledge and experiences.

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