Volunteering for QAGOMA during APT9

Bachelor of Creative Industries student Ruo Xuan Goo shares her experience of documenting the Women's Wealth project during the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT9) at QAGOMA.

During the six days of volunteering, Ciara, Maddy and I volunteered to work together with Jojo and Jesmaine, the artists from Solomon and Bougainville Island to produce a short documentary focusing on the Women‘s Wealth Project. We needed to film interviews, as well as take footage happening throughout the APT9 opening and other public programs.

I felt honored to be in part of such a huge international event. Plus, volunteering gives me the opportunity to really get know of the event and the artists. It was truly inspiring for a creative industries student to see so many astonishing works being displayed.

Volunteering at QAGOMA during APT9 is an eye-opening experience for me, especially as an international student. It provides me a channel to learn about Indigenous cultures from around the region, and I had a greater understanding of the Bougainville community development.


Bachelor of Creative Industries Course Coordinator Sophie McIntyre with filmmaker and artists Georgianna Lepping during the opening of the Women’s Wealth project at APT9.

I felt thoroughly immerse to their culture by talking to the artists, listening to their stories and looking at their artwork. It is a magical feeling and quite an incredible moment for me to really feel like I built strong relationships and connections through an understanding of their values and culture.

The Bougainville Women are talented with weaving, pottery and body adornment. Seeing how the Bougainville women interacts with the public is really beautiful, they even conduct workshops to share their weaving skills and knowledge. Also, it is fun to connect with different people, especially working with Maddy, Ciara, Jojo and Jesmaine.

I feel happy to be able to contribute to the community. By viewing the documentary that we had made, we hope that more people can be more aware of things happening around us, as we might come across amazing things that are worth being seen but was buried beforehand.

Bachelor of Creative Industries work with filmmaker and artist Georgianna Lepping during the opening of the Women’s Wealth project at APT9.

This is definitely a project that will help me after I graduate. Learning through real world experience is just not the same as attending lectures and tutorial classes, you really get to be involved, connect with people and polish your skills. I appreciate QUT and QAGOMA APT9 for providing me this amazing opportunity to learn and explore.