Tomer Garzberg

Tomer Garzberg is a digital media entrepreneur who specialises in growth hacking.

Garzberg uses a combination of emotional communication, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, search and social advertising and conversion optimisation to grow businesses in cash revenue or users.

Growth hacking is a specialised marketing technique that looks at a businesses processes, platforms and presence and most importantly how the target audience is interacting with a product. Garzberg believes Growth hacking is a superior marketing technique because it is based on the monitoring of data and as he says, “data never lies”.

Garzberg studied an undergraduate degree in Jouranlism at QUT and continued on to do an honours year directly after that. Upon graduating he worked in a number of roles as both a journalist and designer. Whilst his work has now led him into the realms of marketing he is still in the business of words.

To discover more about Garzberg and read his own ideas on the future of marketing visit his website here.