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Fake news – a user’s guide

With Zelig-like serendipity I was in Stockholm when #lastnightinsweden went viral. While echoing the melancholic majesty of a classic ABBA song title, the hashtag #lastnightinsweden actually referred to yet another Donald Trump dump of alleged “fake news” on an increasingly exhausted world.

How social media stars are fighting for the Left

How does 'fake news' shared on social media influence politics? David Craig and Stuart Cunningham examine the politics of modern content creation.


From February 20 till March 3, the QUT Creative Industries Precinct was the site of a number of public art installations. Passerby's were drawn to the ghostly white material hanging from street lights, the blue sculptures that stand in an oval shape and bamboo structure that has been woven into a crisscross formation.

Shifting Art at ReForm

Spanning more than 20 locations and featuring an extensive line up of artists, the 2017 Brisbane Street Arts Festival (BSAF) included workshops, public art installations and more. A particularly exciting aspect of the program was the QUT ReForm: Art in Public Spaces exhibition at the QUT Creative Industries Precinct.

Australian Twitter News Index, January 2017

The Australian Twitter News Index returns in time for the inauguration of President Trump and the start of the Australian parliamentary year.

Finding Place, Design and Improvement in India

Samantha Delgos and Patrick Hayes are living a young designer's dream. After graduating from QUT in fashion and architecture respectively, they now cross mountains, explore markets, and observe Indian cultural groups and their craft. Moving to New Delhi, India, to establish design studio Aiyope has not been the easiest path to travel, but has been full of rewards.

The Decline and Growth of Women’s Football

From banned to international glory, women's soccer has sown a rich field for the future.

Dance as Medicine: Moments of Self

Scottish born dance artist Andrea Officer has lived a notable life. Diagnosed with the genetic condition cystic fibrosis at seven-years-old, she has found solace in dance, finding it both a medical treatment and a way to free her spirit.

Fashion Illustration with Cassandra White

Meet QUT Fashion lecturer and fashion illustration short course tutor Cassandra White.