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Finding Place, Design and Improvement in India

Samantha Delgos and Patrick Hayes are living a young designer's dream. After graduating from QUT in fashion and architecture respectively, they now cross mountains, explore markets, and observe Indian cultural groups and their craft. Moving to New Delhi, India, to establish design studio Aiyope has not been the easiest path to travel, but has been full of rewards.

The Decline and Growth of Women’s Football

From banned to international glory, women's soccer has sown a rich field for the future.

Dance as Medicine: Moments of Self

Scottish born dance artist Andrea Officer has lived a notable life. Diagnosed with the genetic condition cystic fibrosis at seven-years-old, she has found solace in dance, finding it both a medical treatment and a way to free her spirit.

When politicians become pundits

Former prime minister Tony Abbott’s weekend column in The Australian was a good example of professional politicians intervening in the public debate through guest punditry.

Putin, the Political Technologist

Political technology and media mythology - in the West we have come to call this phenomenon “post-truth” culture, and it is a technique mastered by the Trump campaign, Professor Brian McNair explains.

Will we soon be growing our own vegan leather at home?

QUT Design and SLQ have been growing vegan leather from kombucha tea since 2014 – and the results are promising.

Q and A with a start-up entrepreneur

In this No Walls Q&A we feature Brisbane based entrepreneur Darren Tonkin, who is the creator of Storyboard and the winner of the 2016 creative3 pitch.

Details in the Everyday

On the train coming to meet me for an interview, Tom Emmett stops momentarily at Taringa train station. He finds himself staring at the platform staircase, noticing how it curves inwards at an angle. He wonders why. Is it simply how the staircase is made? Does it make it easier for the way people step up or down? Or is it for rain water to run off? This anecdote demonstrates to me the way a design mind thinks, always looking at the small everyday details.

Connecting culture, customs and countries

The Colourise Festival fosters an Australian Indigenous voice that promotes creativity, or rather, 'CreActivity'. The festival connects culture, customs, countries, people, society and law of an ancient sovereign land. No Walls' Mia Finley spoke with Dr Christine Peacock about the festival.