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Preserving Ancient Language in Song

Imagine you have an idea to compose, sing, perform and record songs in the diverse languages of your ancestors. You know what a significant tool music is – it can be used for learning, preserving and disseminating language. You can picture a parent singing one of the songs to their child to help them fall asleep. But there’s one small problem. You don’t know how to read, compose or perform music.

Writing a Regional Romantic Comedy

It’s safe to say that there aren’t many romantic comedies set in the regional Queensland town of Rocky. This town known for its sunshine, cattle and cyclones provides the backdrop for producer, presenter and writer Anna Daniels’ debut novel, Girl in Between.

Democratising the Rising Data Tide

Data flows from wireless objects, sensors and processors all around us. And yet, this data may only be accessible to a select few. If knowledge is power, then the Internet of Things favours those able to easily collect, access and interpret information. The less data-savvy are being increasingly left behind.

Sharing Knowledge in the Fast Fashion Industry

Have you ever browsed a rack of clothes for under $15 at your local Zara, H&M or Topshop, and thought, ‘What a deal!’. Have you ever stopped on your way to the cashier to look at the tag and see where that piece of clothing was made? The clothes you buy may have been made by Cambodian garment workers who are a crucial part of the fast fashion supply chain. Is there a true human cost to getting a bargain?

Creating the Video Curation Playbook

The vast volume of video content available on the internet continues to grow every day. I have been caught out many times visiting YouTube to watch just one video, before quickly finding myself in a labyrinth of new content. While there may be plenty to watch online, how many of these videos do we find truly entertaining?

Fake news – a user’s guide

With Zelig-like serendipity I was in Stockholm when #lastnightinsweden went viral. While echoing the melancholic majesty of a classic ABBA song title, the hashtag #lastnightinsweden actually referred to yet another Donald Trump dump of alleged “fake news” on an increasingly exhausted world.

Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy QUT

Can experimental art show us what the future will look like? Can art influence and build a more resilient future? These are some of the questions raised by Ars Electronica senior producer and current QUT Creative Industries artistic resident Kristefan Minski.

How social media stars are fighting for the Left

How does 'fake news' shared on social media influence politics? David Craig and Stuart Cunningham examine the politics of modern content creation.

Shifting Art at ReForm

Spanning more than 20 locations and featuring an extensive line up of artists, the 2017 Brisbane Street Arts Festival (BSAF) has a lot on offer, including workshops, public art installations and more. A particularly exciting aspect of the program is the QUT ReForm: Art in Public Spaces exhibition, which takes place from February 20 to March 3 at the QUT Creative Industries Precinct.