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Breaking boundaries with Artwork in a Box: Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

Artwork in a Box is a portable program whereby an artwork is taken out of the gallery environment and brought into classrooms. Developed by QUT Art Museum staff and initiated by QUT’s commitment to Widening Participation, the program breaks down the cultural accessibility barriers for low socioeconomic school students, making meaningful connections.

In a Valley of Silicon and AI, don’t forget people are human

They're the latest buzzwords: AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain, VR (virtual reality), ML (machine learning), data mining, AR (augmented reality), bitcoin. When you're working or travelling in San Francisco, there's a good chance at least three of these acronyms will appear in your conversations.

Creative Industries Indigenous Seminar Series | Distinguished Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson

The inaugural QUT Creative Industries Indigenous Seminar Series convened by Dr Sandra Phillips, concluded with seminar #4, which took place on Thursday 23 November, 2017. 

Creative Industries Indigenous Seminar Series – Dr Lou Bennett and Dr Romaine Moreton

The inaugural QUT Creative Industries Indigenous Seminar Series convened by Dr Sandra Phillips, continued through to seminar #3 which took place on 21 September, 2017.

Change by Design

QUT design graduate Jessie Hughes is on a mission to change the world by design for social good.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Matthew Lawrence, Inspiring the Aspiring

“Often young male dancers are – as I was – the lone boy in class”

Positioning Art for the Real World

British born Lincoln Townley is a world-recognised contemporary artist that has been referred to as the next Andy Warhol by Sir Michael Cain. Townley visited QUT Creative Industries in 2017 as part of his trip to Brisbane to promote his first ever Australian exhibition, held at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Face to Face with Artificial Intelligence

Fiction is fast becoming fact as engineers, technologists, scientists and artists take steps to make artificial intelligence (AI) a reality. Inventor Elon Musk warns of a dystopian future where AI may supersede us. What could a future reality with robots look like, and how can art and design influence this outcome?

Australia’s screen future is online: time to support our new content creators

Ever heard of Mighty Car Mods? Or maybe RackaRacka? Or perhaps Veritasium? These are a few of the most famous Australian screen creators you might never have heard of.