No Walls Meets: Stefanie Duguay

Stefanie Duguay is a researcher at QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre where she is completing her PhD in the interdisciplinary field of digital media studies.

Duguay’s PhD project is looking at how women who are attracted to women (who identify as lesbian, bi-sexual and gay), present their sexual identity on social media, specifically, Vine, Tinder and Instagram. Her research focus looks at the impact of self-representation for same-sex attracted women who express their sexual identity across social media platforms and how social media platforms affect the way they represent their sexual identity.

Duguay completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science in sociology and psychology from the University of Lethbridge in Canada, and then went on to study at the University of Oxford, a Masters of Science, in Social Science of the Internet.

Recently, Duguay was selected for a PhD internship with Microsoft Research New England’s Social Media Collective to undertake a new research project with experts in the field. Duguay is one of four, out of more than 200 applicants, who will be working with the Social Media Collective in 2016 to complete a three-month project developing new research and approaches to digital media.

Duguay’s research outputs can be found through QUT ePrints and on her website.

Videographer: Giulian Ferranti

Editor: Giulian Ferranti

Producers: Mia Finley and James Dillon