SPOTLIGHT ON: Paige Philogene – Textiles and Travel

By Abigail Gatling & Dana Gehrman/ Creative/Design/Fashion
Paige Philogene is an aspiring designer and QUT fashion student. She was recently awarded the prestigious New Colombo Plan mobility grant and embarked on a life changing exchange semester in India.

The New Colombo Plan is an initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo Pacific into Australia. It provides financial scholarships to support Australian undergraduate students in studying in these regions.

While abroad on the scholarship, Paige immersed herself in the hub of fashion and textile design. In today’s multibillion dollar Indian textile industry, artisans marry traditional hand sewn techniques with modern, high-tech methods.

“India really helped me to understand the scale of the industry outside of Australia. It gave me an appreciation and understanding of craftsmanship,” Paige says.

Photo Credit: Paige Philogene

Like most travel experiences, an exchange semester can present students with a range of challenges.  This was no exception for Paige.

“Exchange is a huge opportunity for personal growth and in India this was accelerated. I reflected on my life and the future I want for myself along with the importance of culture and friendship” she said.

“My experience in India opened up a whole new perspective of design and the fashion industry”

An exchange semester isn’t just travelling as a tourist; it is living in a new country and experiencing a new culture. QUT’s Study Abroad and Exchange programs offer you the opportunity to study and live in another part of the world, add something unique to your degree and challenge yourself both personally and academically.

“Remember to listen and learn from others and be quietly confident in yourself ,” suggests Paige. Exchange will open your eyes and help shape your student journey.

Photo Credit: Paige Philogene

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