Creative Industries Indigenous Seminar Series – Dr Lou Bennett and Dr Romaine Moreton

The inaugural QUT Creative Industries Indigenous Seminar Series convened by Dr Sandra Phillips, continued through to seminar #3 which took place on 21 September, 2017.

The Series hosts Indigenous researchers and academics who disseminate their unique scholarship relevant to 21st Century Creative Industries. Each seminar features presentation from the visiting expert Indigenous researcher who engages with the audience and with a QUT discussant.

Visiting researchers and co-founders of practice-based research arts company, Binung Boorigan Pty Ltd, Dr Lou Bennett and Dr Romaine Moreton co-presented seminar #3 as Sovereign Storytellers and Language Activists.

Their shared ontological premise is that the story, language, and the song are all tributaries of the same great river that runs through our countries and bodies, into the present. Their scholarship posits that stories imbue our countries with meaning, values and give us a sense of belonging. Both Dr Bennett and Dr Moreton have robust creative practices that are expressed in and across form in song, performance, and screen, and always in relation to Country.

As Binung Boorigan, they have recognised the need to formalise protocols, such as Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property Rights (ICIPR), through a contractual process so that they are able to facilitate the Indigenous storyteller and cultural heritage community’s ongoing connection to Country through storytelling, and advocate for enduring custodianship of the story that decentres the Western gaze.

Dr Verena Thomas of the QUT Creative Industries School of Design was invited to introduce Dr Bennett and Dr Moreton.

Listen to the seminar presentation and discussion:

2017 Series Program: 

Seminar #1: 21 April, 2017 Associate Professor Bronwyn Carlson with Professor Jean Burgess
Seminar #2: 2 June, 2017 Fiona Foley with Dr Keith Armstrong
Seminar #3: 21 September, 2017 Dr Romaine Moreton and Dr Lou Bennett with Dr Verena Thomas
Seminar #4: 24 November, 2017 Distinguished Prof Aileen Moreton-Robinson with Professor Mandy Thomas