Profiles from All Subjects

Meagan Straeder

Meagan Streader is an artist who constructs site-specific installations, which commonly use electroluminescent wire to create an immersive sensory experience for the audience.

Simon Groth

Simon Groth is a Brisbane-based writer and editor. He is also the manager of if:book Australia.

Ball Park Music

Ball Park Music is Sam Cromack (lead vocals & guitar), Jen Boyce (bass guitar/backing vocals), Dean Hanson (guitar/backing vocals), Paul Furness (keys/trombone) and Daniel Hanson (drums).

Deborah Mailman

With multiple award winning credits to her name, Deborah Mailman is one of Australia’s most highly respected actors and a QUT alumna.

John Barrow

After gaining his Diploma of Architecture in 1973, John’s career path led to the UK, where he has built an impressive portfolio of sport and leisure projects in Britain, Europe, UAE, Russia and South Africa.

Rod Sheard

Rod Sheard is a Senior Principal and founder of global architecture firm Populous.

Anna Stodart

Anna Stodart is a music publicist at GoLightly Media in New York city.

Patrick Clair

Patrick Clair is creative director of Antibody based in Sydney, which is a production studio that specialises in combining storytelling and powerful visuals.

Dave Sleswick

Dave Sleswick is a Brisbane based producer and is director of his founded company Motherboard Productions.