Nixi Killick

NIXI KILLICK (NXK) brand is a vibrant mix of psychedelic artwork and sculptured techno-induced wearable’s.

NXK is an independent, Melbourne-based label establishing a global Colourtribe through techno-optimistic Imagineering and vibrant artwork, providing unique alternatives, creative direction and design.

Following this is a strong commitment to unique products, ethical production and quality.

Artist born Imagineer, Killick uses fashion to articulate a utopian freshness while drawing parallels between the possible and impossible. Fostering inspiration from her background growing up in the circus, performance and the arts, Killick embraces creative escapism and indulges in the bizarre.

With clients like Lady Gaga, Kimbra, Brainfeeder and collections hitting runways around the world, NXK is set to become a powerhouse in Australian fashion.