Patrick Clair

Patrick Clair is creative director of Antibody based in Sydney, which is a production studio that specialises in combining storytelling and powerful visuals.

In 2014 the True Detective season one main title sequence, which Clair produced, won the ‘Best Main Title Sequence’ Emmy. It was the success that radiated from this award, which led Clair to be based in LA full time, where he is now represented by Elastic. He has continued to work on pieces of a similar vain, particularly considering he also produced the main title sequence for season two of True Detective.

Since Clair’s success in 2014, he has been nominated for four more ‘Outstanding Main Title Design’ Emmy awards. In 2015 these were for Halt and Cath Fire, and Daredevil. 2016 saw Clair be nominated again for two Emmy’s for the main title sequence’s he produced for The Night Manager and The Man in the High Castle. 

Prior to moving to LA, Clair worked predominantly in Australia on ABC programs, such as, The Chasers War on Everything and HungryBeast, who allowed him to work on ethically charged stories.

Clair started his career with a Bachelor of Arts in screen production from QUT, where he focused on live-action directing.