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What’s after uni? Where Keemon took his visual arts degree

You’ll always hear people telling you to make the most of your time at uni, but what does that actually involve? QUT Graduate Keemon Williams shares how going to QUT transformed his creative process and found his voice.

Camerata embraces innovation to continue sharing music

We talk with Executive Director of Camerata - Queensland's Chamber Orchestra and QUT alumnus Adam Tucker about the challenges facing the arts industry, and how Camerata has innovated to continue to bring music into people's homes remotely.

What’s after uni? Where Nicole took her Communication degree

Nicole Quinn shares her experience building a career in community relations.

What’s after uni? Where Angus took his Design degree

While Angus got to experience international design through a study exchange to Europe, there is nothing like working first hand to really explore the differences between architectural practice in Europe and Australia.

What’s after uni? Where Kate took her Bachelor of Creative Industries degree

From Uber Driver to Eater Experience Lead ANZ, Kate’s remarkable career has followed the same exponential growth as the start-up itself.

What’s after uni? Where Ally took her Design degree

As a QUT student, Alexandra's travels through developing countries has allowed her to see first-hand how people live and the problems they face particularly in the area of housing. This has led to her current work in Haiti helping build sustainable communities.

What’s after uni? Where Brodie took his Communication degree

After graduating from journalism at QUT, Brodie has had a diverse career spanning TV, radio and public relations.

What’s after uni? Where Nadia took her Dance degree

When it came to choosing a profession Nadia Milford could not imagine her life without dance.

What’s after uni? Where Jordan took his Design degree

Jordan Domjahn had a packed uni schedule maximising international travel and work integrated learning internship opportunities. It’s no wonder then he was awarded the 2019 Graduate of the Year by the Design Institute of Australia.

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