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The Decline and Growth of Women’s Football

From banned to international glory, women's soccer has sown a rich field for the future.

Dance as Medicine: Moments of Self

Scottish born dance artist Andrea Officer has lived a notable life. Diagnosed with the genetic condition cystic fibrosis at seven-years-old, she has found solace in dance, finding it both a medical treatment and a way to free her spirit.

Fashion Illustration with Cassandra White

Meet QUT Fashion lecturer and fashion illustration short course tutor Cassandra White.

When politicians become pundits

Former prime minister Tony Abbott’s weekend column in The Australian was a good example of professional politicians intervening in the public debate through guest punditry.

Putin, the Political Technologist

Political technology and media mythology - in the West we have come to call this phenomenon “post-truth” culture, and it is a technique mastered by the Trump campaign, Professor Brian McNair explains.

Andy Ward

Multi-disciplinary performance artist Andy Ward combines music with motion-tracking technology and futuristic animation to create a truly unique visual experience.

Will we soon be growing our own vegan leather at home?

QUT Design and SLQ have been growing vegan leather from kombucha tea since 2014 – and the results are promising.

Sarah Holland-Batt

Acclaimed Brisbane poet Sarah Holland-Batt is a creative writing lecturer at QUT Creative Industries. She is swiftly becoming one of Australia’s most esteemed poets.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

QUT Fashion will showcase the collections of our passionate design students at the 2016 end of year show, DUST.

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