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SPOTLIGHT ON: Matthew Lawrence, Inspiring the Aspiring

“Often young male dancers are – as I was – the lone boy in class”

SPOTLIGHT ON: Jessica Stewart, One to Watch

Hard work and commitment gets you to the top, just ask Jessica Stewart.

Positioning Art for the Real World

British born Lincoln Townley is a world-recognised contemporary artist that has been referred to as the next Andy Warhol by Sir Michael Cain. Townley visited QUT Creative Industries as part of his past trip to Brisbane to promote his first ever Australian exhibition, held at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Face to Face with Artificial Intelligence

Fiction is fast becoming fact as engineers, technologists, scientists and artists take steps to make artificial intelligence (AI) a reality. Inventor Elon Musk warns of a dystopian future where AI may supersede us. What could a future reality with robots look like, and how can art and design influence this outcome?

Australia’s screen future is online: time to support our new content creators

Ever heard of Mighty Car Mods? Or maybe RackaRacka? Or perhaps Veritasium? These are a few of the most famous Australian screen creators you might never have heard of.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Paige Philogene – Textiles and Travel

Paige Philogene is an aspiring designer and QUT fashion student. She was recently awarded the prestigious New Colombo Plan mobility grant and embarked on a life changing exchange semester in India.

Robot sculpture, coming to a gallery near you

Robots are set to change the way we drive our cars, grow our food, and perform surgery. But robots are changing art too.

Hijabers of Instagram: the Muslim women challenging stereotypes

It is easy for non-Muslims to forget that there are places where Muslim women lead lives full of frivolity and fun: they shop, read fashion magazines and travel to Europe. But on social media a global community of fashion-conscious Muslim women are challenging the stereotypes of Muslim women as submissive and disempowered.

Behind the scenes – Louise Hearman at QUT Art Museum

Renowned Australian contemporary artist Louise Hearman, winner of the 2016 Archibald Prize, is best known for her ambiguous and surreal paintings of scenarios where things may, or may not be, as they seem.

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