Meagan Straeder

Meagan Streader is an artist who constructs site-specific installations, which commonly use electroluminescent wire to create an immersive sensory experience for the audience.

Streader is a Brisbane artist currently residing in Melbourne. In her creative work she explores the limits of light within sculpture and installation by reinterpreting the use of space. Her artworks redefine conventional spaces, objects and materials.

Her most recent solo exhibit W-inter was held at the Metro Arts Gallery in Brisbane in early 2016. She was also a part of the nine female artists who made up Geek Girls, an exhibition held at The Block, QUT Creative Industries in 2016.

Streader began her artistic career with studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual arts from QUT, which she completed in 2010. Since then she has been involved in a number of exhibitions, residencies and has worked as a curator, manager and director in gallery spaces.

More details about Streader’s work can be found on her website.