Liam Key

Liam Key is an accomplished interactive and visual designer who has covered almost all areas of artistic endeavours.

Key works across a range of areas, including video, documentary, fine art, digital art, interactive design, coding, projection mapping, 3D and 2D animation, motion graphics, musical scoring. He is obsessive and a perfectionist at injecting his own vision into all mediums available. Nothing looks like a Liam Key work, differentiating him from the new wave of digital media artists.

The theory of Key’s work is what truly separates him, as he completed half of a PhD at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI, QUT) in mental imagery, visions, dreaming and hallucinations, focusing specifically on an endogenous chemical DMT is said to be the key to producing the “third eye visions”. His research is available and transparent, yet was rejected by the University for not being scientifically provable, or rigorous enough. This is the dangerous pathway he treads as he tries to bridge two distant fields of quantitative and qualitative research.

Liam Key_Plains

Liam Key 2D Digital Painting ‘Plains’


Key explains with his creative process that “each work starts with exploration of “The Dreamtime”, or visions behind closed eyelids. Careful observation of the “natural laws contained in these lightning fast, continuously morphing, depthless dimensions, reveal new bold methods of expressing the hierarchal ingression of novelty”. Through the viewing of these unbound images that are not affected by the physical laws in our present context, the depth of understood detail increases the more time that is “racked up” in watching, learning and understanding these internal visual states. It is a throwback to ‘folk art’ shamans in terms of methodology, yet propelled by the context of current technologies.



Liam Key 2D Vector Art


Liam Key 3D Print


Liam currently works as a lecturer at Billy Blue College of Design in digital media, fine art, video, coding and animation. He has had fine art gallery shows, and is flown across Australia for his unique and quality lectures based on factual research in a qualitative field. He has thousands of image works completed (vector, digital painting, drawings) and hundreds of videos (3D and 2D animation, and video). Below is a small sample of his recent works. Visit his website to learn more about Liam Key.