Interactive and Visual Design works inspire at Design Festival

2018's cohort of Interactive and Visual Design (IVD) graduates showcased their imaginative concepts at QUT Design Festival Open House, part of CreateX 2018. 

Exhibitions featured works ranging from mobile apps to educational card games and wearable technology over a week of festivities celebrating the Creative Industries. 

Titled, Wander, this exhibition invited design-lovers and the design-curious to explore a variety of concept products. Each curated work encapsulated its own brand identity while pertaining to the wider theme of the exhibition. 

Everybody Welcome Here is a photo book by Sebastien Connole that visually communicates the cultural identity of a neighbourhood in Norman Park referred to by its residents as ‘The Hill’.

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ARIA, an Autonomous Driving Simulation Experience created by Taylor Adams, is designed to help reduce the fear and speculation around autonomous car travel and increase the public’s fondness of future automotive travel.


Watch the process behind Wander below. 

Other works from three IVD units were also showcased in a separate exhibition, which presented examples of collaborative work with industry partners including the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum, DeepBlue experimental orchestra, QLD Choir, Digi Youth Arts and Didjeribone performer Tjupurru. 

This work by students in the Embodied Interactions unit visualises the stages of coral bleaching and is a result of research in partnership with Queensland Museum. Michelle Killalea, Holly Jensen and Imogen Frangou worked on this project.

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Image by Cassidy Cloupet

Watch a show-reel of all the works below. 

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