Why wouldn't you choose to study music? If you gave a naive ten year old a piece of paper with the options of being either a banker, a police officer, a fireman or to earn money controlling people's emotions with music and ask, 'which would you choose?' The natural option would be music.

—  Carrick – Musician

I have helped women with embroidery. One of my works took 10 months to make. The whole motif was hand embroidered and is a native tribal motif. My collections brings out my Indonesian tradition in a new and modern style and new colours for women that are always changing. The difference, for me, between Australia and Indonesia is that Australia is more clean and simple. Indonesia have a lot of traditional things and we bring those traditional things to make our work different.

—  Lenny – Fashion Designer

You are a lot more knowledgeable. When you go into a gig you aren't just focused on the artist, you're thinking about what the background players are doing. You focus more on how they are putting the production side of it together and you definitely learn to respect each person's contribution more.

—  Hollie – Musician

I’ve always really liked fashion and had an interest in it. I lived in South Africa so I think living in two countries and the generic and lack of fashion in South Africa influenced me in that I now appreciate self-representation through clothing more. I like to stand out a little bit more. I worked for a designer at the South Africa’s Fashion Week and I’m starting an online store at the moment in South Africa. At the moment it’s just a lot of meeting with website people to get it up and running which is a fairly lengthy and time consuming task.

—  Robyn – Fashion Designer

Dance definitely makes you much more in tune with your body. I think all dancers are. Like normal humans have a disconnection between their mind and body whereas, dancers are very aware of it and comfortable in it in general. Some companies do like if you have a degree. They were saying if you’re with the Queensland Ballet the Artistic Director likes it if you’ve got a degree because then you can speak in front of people at Q&A’s. You’ve got your education behind you. You can articulate what you are doing.

—  Eddie, Lucinda, Meg, Orla – Dancers

Art makes me see things differently and more intricate than they actually are. When you’re painting and drawing, you see more than just a tree. You see the shade of the green and the patterns in the bark and you emphasise them. If my creative style were an emoji it would be the little alien face.

—  Jesse – Artist

I only use Indonesian material, I can use a mixture of materials produced in Indonesia and make it more modern. I use Indonesian material because it is very rich. The batik is our heritage and I love it. I try to make my brand as the home, as the basic interest of my designs. My handbags are hand woven with a natural dye, we use an indigo colour, but it is still very modern. It takes 1 night to design and dye the bag however, it takes 3 months to hand weave them.

—  Novita – Fashion Designer

Some places do like if you have a degree. They were saying if you’re with the Queensland Ballet the Artistic Director likes it if you’ve got a degree because then you can speak in front of people at Q&A’s and you’ve got your education behind you. You can articulate what you are doing.

—  Eddie – Dancer

I got into fashion because I’ve always been really into art. I did dancing as a kid so with the scrap fabric I used to make little clothes with sticky tape for my dolls. I thought that I wouldn’t really go into art because it’s really difficult to get into so I thought I could apply art onto fashion. It’s an everyday decision so you can get the most out of it so I thought, yeah it’s a really creative process, I think I’ll go into that. I’m actually a very shy person but once I’m around people with similar interests to me I get really excited and passionate.

—  Sinead – Fashion Designer

I think my work is very explicit, sexual and vulnerable. I think it’s quite unapologetic. My art is a more honest and extroverted version of myself- I use it to cope with social anxieties. If my artistic attitude was an emoji it would be the red exclamation point and fifty of them.

—  Paige – Artist

I definitely think my degree changes the way I think about things. I am more critical now, more so than I was. I’ve always been critical but now I am a lot more judgemental of certain things that I normally wouldn’t have been. I think I take in a lot more now, I am a lot more aware of things around me and what goes into them and I can appreciate them more.

—  Ronan – Fashion Designer

If my music were a person, what they would look like would depend on the day. It could either be a very ragged person, in a torn up trench coat or someone who’s very polished and in a suit. It really depends on the type of mood you’re in and how you’re approaching a song. That sort of thing. Depends on the sound and that sort of thing and what you’re kind of visualising. The creative process, for me, when producing a song is, you hear the song, if you can feel it then you can some idea, like you’re connecting with it. The process from there, what can you add, what can you take away, how you approach the artist about that and how you actually record it. You want to make it more than it already is.

—  Brad – Musician

We get here at 7.30, and we warm up for half an hour. Then for today we have two hours of ballet, a two hour break, then contemporary, then point for an hour and a half. Then we have theory lectures in the night time. The biggest challenge faced as a dancer and becoming a professional dancer is the competition. When we have lunch we have a good group of friends and we have a laugh and we have a good time. But when you’re in class it’s a different atmosphere.

—  Lucinda and Meg – Dancers

I tend to believe that we all have, as an actor, the capacity to feel the same things on varying levels and in different situations. I’m really interested in local story telling and very passionate about the theatre in the community and how it can help heal community. Particularly places that have been through trauma or mysterious events.

—  Clementine – Actress

The three words I would use to describe my creativity would be chic, sophisticated and quirky. I think the difference between Australia and Indonesia fashion is that Australia is more laid back with plain prints. Whereas, Indonesia dress up a lot more, they are more fancy.

—  Gloria – Fashion Designer

I’m studying production, minoring in, not exactly events management, but that sort of field. So I would like to head down that path. Or in artists management. I’m starting a project on writing some music for a short film at the moment and I’ve never had to write to a stimulant before so it’s a really weird experience for me.

—  Emma – Musician

My goals for my creative practice is to achieve the most sincere form of realism and to be putting a hundred percent every day. If my acting was an emoji it would either be the guy with his hands straight up or the guy with the cheesy smile. They're just super active and happy.

—  Daniel – Actor

Plain and simple, I want to make it to Hollywood. Not going to lie. That's my goal right there. In three words, my creativity would be 'have no barriers'. In terms of social issues and stuff, sometimes you have a great idea and you put it on stage. There are people who aren't comfortable with it. But this is how it is and it's portraying these things and it's not here for your comfort and needs.

—  Gerick – Actor