Sofia Moreno-Marcos

Fashion - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion)

Sofia Moreno-Marcos is a final year student of Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion Design) at QUT. Sofia’s Peruvian heritage is the main

inspiration for her graduate couture collection called: ACLLAHUASI, which means House of the chosen women in Quechua language, “This collection is a celebration to my heritage and an ode to my South American roots, the embroidery and beading were carefully hand made by skilled artisans in Cusco-Peru, natural fibres such as sheep wool and alpaca on denim, beautifully mixed with silk organza and hand sewn details”.

Sofia lived in Germany for a few years, which allowed her to travel and experiment new cultures as well as learning foreign languages, she also enjoys painting, which you can see in some of her designs. Moreno Marcos is a label created by Sofia, that focuses on craftsmanship and luxurious unique items that can also be sustainable. Moreno Marcos first ever collection was showcased with Undress Runways 2015 in three cities – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, where Sofia was granted a scholarship. Moreno Marcos was also part of Undress Runways 2016 with a collection made entirely of recycled and up upcycled items.