Savannah Hallett

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Media and Communication

Event promotion, Market research, Media management, Social media content, Website content

Savannah Hallett is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Media and Communications. Her specialties are Marketing and Communication with a particular focus on tourism marketing.

Savannah has extensive experience in administrative positions and prides herself on her time management, attention to detail, and communication skills. Boosting her experience and expanding her knowledge, Savannah completed work experience at Tourism and Events Queensland in the Corporate Communications Department in 2017.

To further her love of tourism, she undertook a 7-month academic exchange to Ã…rhus University in Denmark. During her overseas studies, Savannah focused on Business to Business Marketing, International Marketing and Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis.

In the (near) future, Savannah would love to be working internationally in Tourism Marketing, being able to showcase beautiful, interesting and unique locations and destinations globally.