Sascha Beck-Harris

Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Architectural Studies)

Communication, Design, History and theory, Diagramming, Presentation design

Sascha is a soon-to-be graduate of QUT’s Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Architecture with Minor study areas in Art History and Landscape Architecture. Her interests in the architectural field extend beyond just the built form and into the intersection between landscape and architecture. She have a keen interest in the history of art and architecture and strongly believes that an understanding of contextual histories (both on micro and macro scales) is integral to the deliverance of fully responsive projects. It is Sascha’s belief that one cannot move forward without first understanding the past.

Throughout her degree, the projects she has enjoyed most have, in the given brief, engaged the urban environments, landscapes, and communities that will be directly effected by the proposals. In her future career, she hopes to move into work that encompasses cultural and community place-making and engages urban and natural spaces.

Sascha’s studies at QUT have solidified her passion for architecture and the built environment and she is excited to begin work in the industry alongside studying Masters at QUT in the coming year.