Saara Khan

Bachelor of Media and Communication

Copywriting, Editing, Event promotion, Feature writing, Strategy


Saara Khan is a passionate, creative and ambitious media professional with strong writing skills. She is working towards becoming versatile across the marketing and communications, public relations and events industries and looks forward to the career challenges and endless opportunities ahead of her.

Saara attended QUT for 3.5 years, graduating with a Bachelor of Media and Communications (Journalism Major) in July 2017. Saara enjoyed practical units such as Newswriting, Contemporary Investigation in Journalism M&C and Consumption Matters. She appreciated the blend of media and communication and journalism topics and is stoked with the broad knowledge she received from her degree.


Saara has in-house Public Relations experience and in-house Marketing experience. She is fortunate enough to have worked in Industry for the majority of her studies as well as undertaking internships and volunteer positions – and has worked hard to capitalise on these experiences. Saara accepted a full-time Digital Marketing Coordinator position with Bright Conferences upon completion of her degree. In her role, she primarily coordinates all marketing aspects of the Company’s millennial brand – generationYOU.


Original Articles

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You can read a full overview of Saara’s professional experience and achievements on LinkedIn.