Louise Chaney

Fashion - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion)

Louise Chaney is currently finishing a double degree of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion)/ Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at the Queensland University of Technology. Throughout the course of four years, Louise has gained many important skills in terms of design, production quality and styling enabling her to create.

Studying such a creative medium, has given Louise the opportunity to explore and develop her creative desires in the fashion industry. Louise is passionate about conceptual design, which can be seen in her graduate collection A Dangerous Tranquility. To Louise, everything in her collection must have gone through a thorough process of thought and meaning, as she sees fashion as a powerful medium of visual art. Louise is perusing a short course in jewellery design next year, broadening her skills in different creative mediums.

As a business student, Louise has operated social media campaigns, working alongside photographers to meet the business’s goals. Looking into the future, Louise’s desire is to be working for a company she respects and admires in the fashion industry.