Lily Pepper

Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Architectural Studies)

Architectural technology, Design, Diagramming, Presentation design

As a graduate architect of QUT I have been able to evolve my style, aesthetic and principles through many design and theoretical projects. Through explorations of place, culture and environment I have become interested in how our built environments interact with their surroundings and create significant spaces that intersect between neighbouring buildings, nature and the proposed architecture.

My design style and principles have been influenced by brutalist architecture, however I am interested in exploring curves and organic forms to juxtapose against concrete and linear forms; to contrast against an urban environment, yet feel harmonious and connected.

I am interested in residential and civic design; I like how personal and intimate a residential project could be, however I also enjoy the grandness public buildings can have and the ability to create and cater for a wider community. As a recent graduate I aim to gain as much experience as I can during my Masters and to hone my style and its particular tectonics further, for small and large projects, and to someday be sought after for my particular style.