Katherine Aland

Master of Architecture

Collaboration, Communication, Design, Management and contract management, Diagramming

Katherine is a passionate designer with an increased desire for continual learning for both the development of existing skills and the pursuit of challenges for future endeavours.

Recently completing a Bachelor of Built Environment (Industrial Design) and a Bachelor of Design (Architecture), Katherine decided to pursue a career in Architecture with this latest achievement of Masters in Architecture. She is now focussing on registration as an Architect, taking advantage of her recent leading roles in her workplace as a basis of her architectural experience thus far.

Workplace experiences have given Katherine the opportunity to be involved in the development of a City Plan, high level master planning propositions for undeveloped land for Sydney University, feasibility studies for authorities such as the Brisbane Airport and Rockhampton Hospital, design and construct documentation for the Rockhampton Hospital, intimate involvement with the Brisbane Metro Project and more recently, the lead role in a Defence project for a  Master Planning and Feasibility Review with User Requirements Brief.

This last semester of study gave Katherine an opportunity to create a place for fellow artists in a challenging mix of flexible design within a constrained environment amongst heritage and and sentiment, with samples of the resulting design pictured here.