Claudia Mazzei

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Creative Industries

Copywriting, Corporate writing, Media management, Policy writing, Strategy

Claudia Mazzei is a digital creative with a professional background in social media management and digital marketing. Having completed a double degree in public relations and media communications, she is looking to move into the community and stakeholder engagement space with a focus on media advisory and digital storytelling.

After developing a passion for effective communication practice, her experience working with real world clients throughout her studies has provided a solid understanding of the traditional and digital media landscape. Study tours to Denmark and Sydney developed a deeper understanding of how we can shape a better, brighter digital future.

Starting in photography and graphic design, she has an artistic flair to find creativity within even the dullest of subjects. Experience in the not-for-profit, government and small business sector, as well as volunteering at industry events, has created a vision to work in environments that really make a difference.

You can read her most recent portfolio of writing focused on politics, culture, health and environmental matters at