Christopher Lam

Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Architectural Studies)

Architectural technology, Collaboration, Design, History and theory, Diagramming, Hand drawing and sketching, Making and crafting, Presentation design


Architecture /

Landscape Architecture 

I have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in design, specialising in Architecture completed at Charles Darwin University. However, I decided to return to university and complete a post-graduate degree, specialising in Architecture to complete a Masters Degree at Queensland University of Technology.

I have discovered a renewed interest in public design, planting design and an appreciation for the environment which is most relevant to the Landscape Architecture field and have therefore undertaken a minor in Landscape Architecture.

I believe through this additional qualification within the field of Landscape Architectural design, it would be an advantage for future employers who wish to hire candidates with broad skills and knowledge of the design field.

My personal design ideology reflects my newfound knowledge on the importance of green space, public amenities and also my personal background growing up surrounded by fertile bush land in the Northern Territory, Australia.

I constantly refer to three points of environment based questions, which have shaped form, function and purpose of my past university projects. Prior to the discovery of these points, i was amazed by the fluidity  of form, function and how these converged coherently with the seemingly chaotic construct of the city and / or built environment in early paintings by Zaha Hadid.

I am also a painter, since primary school, and have taken reference of Zaha Hadid’s painting of immense size (paintings which go beyond the site), and the freedom it allows for discovery of form, material and how together these can create experiences, within the interior and exterior which i also believe is best expressed through the medium of painting.

The following three reference points have been discovered through my own personal research into architect monographs, environmental issues and political debate whilst also taking into consideration university readings and personal experiences in the new world, driven by technology and political instability:

1. HOW TO RESOLVE THE (FLOATING) LANDSCAPE on / within the built environment?

 2. HOW ARE WE TO REJUVENATE EVERYBODY’S BODY AND MIND in our flux into (cyber) space and physical upheaval?


I look forward to discussing my  design studio projects, or essays,  with you.