Chelsea Sutherland

Bachelor of Media and Communication

Blogging, Copywriting, Feature writing, Social media content, Talent management, Website content

Chelsea Sutherland is a QUT graduate with a strong passion for content creating, blogging, and social media.

Chelsea’s interests span all creative outlets. Through interning as a content creator she discovered her passion for writing about popular culture and fashion. She also has an interest in social media content creation and is eager to learn more.

Chelsea is a very quick learner and wants to learn new skills that will help in her chosen professional practice. With a very strong attention to detail and strong work ethic, Chelsea will commit fully to any tasks she is given.

Having graduated at the end of 2017 with a Bachelor of Media & Communications majoring in Entertainment Industries. She hopes to find herself a creative role in either copywriting or social media content creation in the fashion industry or pop culture world.

View some of Chelsea’s best work below. She enjoys writing with a touch of humour whilst also incorporating sarcasm, hyperbole, and wit. She has had the chance to write for massive fashion brand – Culture Kings, and popular culture websites – Lowkey and The Isthmus.

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