Brooke Rockliffe

Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interior Design)

Research, Revit, Retail, Health Care, Commercial

After 4 year of University Brooke is graduating with Bachelor (Hons) Interior Design with a second major in Industrial Design. Throughout Brooke’s university degree, she has had experience in the projects a GOMA, as well experience in small design/retail companies.

Incorporating Brooke’s knowledge of Interior and Industrial design she has developed an approach of design informing interior spaces from the surrounding architecture, incorporating natural and simplistic elements to create beautiful interiors. Brooke has learnt that at the core of Interior Design it has the ability to make physical and cognitive aspects that addresses social, cultural, environmental changes as a society, this overall enhances the Quality of Life.

Brooke endevours to continue building her knowledge in the design industry that enables her grow professionally, to discover new opportunities as they come.