Alex Botfa

Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interior Design)

Design, Documentation, Revit, Hand Drawing

I like to design spaces that boarder interactive visual arts through the combination of self expressive ideas and an understanding of interaction occurring at a micro scale. In terms of a visual aspect, visual arts, my personal up bringing and the world as it is today, has guided my perception that spaces need to be unique in order to capture society’s attention and become strongly recognised and influential. Overall this has influenced my design motto to follow the concept that if you create spaces that are different from the norm it will be perceived as a good design.

As a designer I want my designs to hold a strong impact towards society. I want to control how people act in within a space which will demonstrate what interior design is and the need for interior designers. If society are too stubborn to understand the difference between interior decorators and designers, I will happily sit back and watch as they move along my carefully constructed puzzles.