Frock Paper Scissors 2017

Date: Thursday, 30 November 2017 to Thursday, 30 November 2017

Frock Paper Scissors is a sophisticated, thought provoking and boundary breaking annual publication and online destination that prides itself on its high quality content and professionalism.

The magazine and the website are produced as outcomes of the unit Fashion & Style Journalism, relying entirely on content provided by students, and on an editorial team. They were launched at the 2017 Integrated Design Festival. 

Students enrolled in the Fashion & Style Journalism unit experience the real world of working in fashion journalism, from content pitching, fashion editorials and feature articles, to design, layout and production.

FROCK is now in its 12th year of publication and with its continuous growth over the last 11 years, FROCK has cemented its name in the Brisbane fashion market and is beginning to reach audiences overseas. This unique and innovative publication creates intelligent debate around fashion, style, culture and art through the eyes of the new generation of QUT creatives. 

Our 2017 issue dives into contemporary debates about robotics, artificial intelligence and technology exploring themes such as dystopian and utopian worlds, the future of fashion and the resurgence of feminist issues. FROCK features emerging local talent and provides a platform for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their work.

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