Creative Industries Indigenous Seminar Series – Bronwyn Carlson

The inaugural QUT Creative Industries Indigenous Seminar Series, convened by Dr Sandra Phillips, commenced Friday 21 April, 2017. The program is a staging ground for communication of unique scholarship from Indigenous researchers and academics.

Each seminar features a presentation from an expert invited Indigenous researcher who will engage with the audience and a relevant QUT discussant.

At the first seminar, special guest Associate Professor Bronwyn Carlson discussed Indigenous social, cultural, and political engagements on social media. Associate Professor Carlson’s discussant was Jean Burgess, Professor of Digital Media and Director of the QUT Digital Media Research Centre.


Listen to the presentation:



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Bronwyn Carlson is Associate Professor Indigenous Studies at the University of Wollongong. Bronwyn is an Aboriginal woman who was born on and lives on D’harawal Country in NSW. Bronwyn was awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery (Indigenous) grant in 2013 for research on Aboriginal identity and community online and has since received a second ARC in 2016 for her research on Indigenous help-seeking on social media. Aboriginal Studies Press has recently published her book, The politics of identity: who counts as Aboriginal today?

2017 Series Program: 

Seminar #1: 21 April, 2017 Associate Professor Bronwyn Carlson with Professor Jean Burgess
Seminar #2: 2 June, 2017 Fiona Foley with Dr Keith Armstrong
Seminar #3: 21 September, 2017 Dr Romaine Moreton and Dr Lou Bennett with Dr Verena Thomas
Seminar #4: 24 November, 2017 Distinguished Prof Aileen Moreton-Robinson with Professor Mandy Thomas