Anna Stodart

Anna Stodart is a music publicist at GoLightly Media in New York city.

Stodart, having always been a music lover, studied a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in media and communication with a minor in music at QUT.

She embraced the Brisbane music scene during her studies – interning, working for community radio and blogging. These experiences helped her land her first gig in New York City – working for start up music PR company GoLightly Media where she quickly progressed from assistant to publicist.

Stodart is now enjoying life in New York, where she is at a music gig nearly every night of the week (for work!) and is part of the team that is GoLightly Media. As a boutique PR company they have a range of clients, including a roster for Wind-Up Records, New York’s biggest indie labels, which is sure to keep life exciting.

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