Andy Ward

Multi-disciplinary performance artist Andy Ward combines music with motion-tracking technology and futuristic animation to create a truly unique visual experience.

The QUT Masters of Music graduate release his first single Drinks & Money to his online fan base in 2016, followed by Gun Shy in 2017.

Along with an accompanying film clip with the same warped technology as his first online release, Andy will be releasing a multimedia artwork to accompany his first single. The artwork is the result of a colouration project whose development has been assisted by the technical labs at QUT Gardens Point.

Combing projection mapping, SoundLazers and computer generated modeling the artwork promises to be as visually stunning his film clips but provide a fully immersive experience for the viewer.

In late 2016 Andy released his first music clip to an online audience via Facebook. His track ‘Screaming Feelings’ is a soulful a-cappella work using harmoniser technology to produce both polyphonic vocals and all of the instruments heard in the piece.

The clip for this work sets a precedent for what to expect in the future from this talented multi-discipline artist, combining motion tracking technology and futuristic animation to create a truly unique visual experience.

Andy Ward spent a considerable career as a performing musician in Brisbane before he entered into a Masters degree in Music Industry Professions at QUT in 2013. In the ensuing 18 months Andy met and collaborated with a handful of gifted producers and engineers to develop his electronic work.

While in mentor session as part of the Masters, he met with a collective of influential industry personalities who took considerable interest in his work.

After completing his degree, Andy continued to produce his own style of electronic music. At the same time he commenced his journey as a PhD candidate. Developing a larger body of work, in 2015 Andy signed management with Marcus Knight Presents.

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