About No Walls

At No Walls we are passionate about the intersection of creative thinking, business and technology.

There is no denying that the Creative Industries are evolving as a force in our global economy. As the world rapidly changes through automation and technology, creativity has become even more vital to economic output.

No Walls is a Brisbane based online magazine for and about creative people and their practices. We are focused on design, creation and communication stories that provide insight into the creative process. Stories published on No Walls address issues affecting creative practice in the fields of media, creative writing, landscape architecture, film, dance, visual arts and much more.

No Walls features QUT Creative Industries graduates and students, and is an evolving space for creative inclined people and businesses. We provide information on events, resources and feature stories about the cutting edge ideas in the creative industries.

The lines between creative fields are increasingly blurred. Visual artists use interactive and moving images, performers use digital media in site-specific works, and collaborative teams create sophisticated productions that captivate our senses.

Technology provides new possibilities for creative practitioners – in the creation of their works, as new outlets for their creativity, and as a means of promotion and distribution. Cutting-edge use of digital technologies produces innovative networked performances and cultural experiences.

The creative industries foster individual creativity, skill and talent and offer diverse and rewarding career opportunities. Working closely with partners from government and industry, the Creative Industries Faculty has positioned itself as a leader in the development of creative industries in Queensland, Australia, and aims to become an internationally-networked hub of creative enterprise.